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Brunel's SS Great Britain

Time:January-05-2021 14:04    Reading volume:947

For the Brunel's SS Great Britain, Relicase adopts partition module to make free-standing display cases with low-iron, optic white laminated safety glass.


Relicase considered its antique character, limited display area and protection on the ship itself when making a design. How move museum showcases through the aged catwalk into the museum safely and conveniently? How to install quickly and reduce the possible damage from installation?


At last, we are adopted as a partition module to make the multi-layer display. Access to the display case interior is through 2 half-width doors with concealed hinges and fitted with Abloy security locks. The lighting hood is equipped with fluorescent lights with access through a hinged top plate with support struts. Light is filtered into the display area through a milky white laminated glass pane fitted with 12x12 egg crate pattern light diffuser. Each case was fitted with 2 layers of adjustable 10mm thick glass shelves.


In the base of the case is a climate control compartment. Each case was also mounted on a special steel plinth to bridge existing ductwork.

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