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Museum of Ancient Books and Records, National Library of China

Time:April-14-2014 11:29    Reading volume:2502

As a branch of National Library of China, Museum of Ancient Books and Records is a state-level museum that displays classic works of Chinese literature and disseminates Chinese culture. All showcases displayed in the Hall of Brief History, Hall of Yangshi Lei Blueprints, Hall of Metals & Stones and Hall of Masters' Manuscripts were produced by Relicase.

Exhibits in the museum cover a range from oracle bones dated 3000 years ago to manuscripts of contemporary masters, vary from Dunhuang scriptures, rare ancient books, metal/stone rubbings, maps, Yangshi Lei Blueprints, ancient books in minority languages, masters' manuscripts to rare books in foreign languages. Due to the distinct natures of various archives, microclimate control was extremely demanding. We took the challenge, and solved the problem by connecting all wall cases to a Remote Location Microclimate Control Unit MAXI-ONE , while equipping each freestanding case with a PMCG water-free humidity generator. To minimize possible damages to paper exhibits caused by lighting, especially heat radiation, we introduced ROBLON fiber optic system from Denmark into tabletop cases. Light sources that radiate heat are locked far from the exhibits, while light beams that illuminate the objects are channeled to adjustable optical outlets.

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