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Chung Tai World Museum

Time:April-26-2015 17:36    Reading volume:2571

The museum complex of Chung Tai World Museum is built in Nantou county of Taiwan Province, with similarities to Tang dynasty’s capital city Chang’an. Its ramparts symbolize a Dharma citadel that carefully guards and protects Buddhist and historical artifacts. Local and overseas supporters over the years had donated many cultural artifacts from different historical periods to Chung Tai Chan Monastery, which ultimately led to the foundation of this well known Buddhist museum.

Chung Tai World Museum’s permanent collection and exhibition include two main features: Buddhist sculptures and stelae, and 1000+ titles of stone rubbings gifted by the Xi’an Beilin Museum in Shaanxi, China. The lighting layout of the Museum is designed by world-leading lighting designer--Mr. Zhou Lian. Relicase developed a variety of museum showcases according to the museum characteristics and lighting atmosphere. The freestanding cases, tabletop cases, and wall cases fully displayed the beauty of exhibits, winning approval from the Museum and the designer.

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