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Huamao Museum of Art Education

Time:May-05-2019 14:57    Reading volume:1793

Collaborations between architects are common, but having two masters to partner design a single project is rare. The distinctive black building standing by the shore of Dongqian Lake in Ningbo, China, is the result from one of this kind of design collaboration. Designed by Pritzker Laureate Álvaro Siza and foremost Portuguese architect, Carlos Castanheira, the design of Huamao Museum of Art Education combines modern style with traditional Chinese aesthetics. The black arc facade resembles a traditional roof tile from a typical Southern China folk residence. A perfect example of educating art within architecture.

Relicase took the task of Custom display cases for this unique design of minimalism. We made thinnest frames at top and bottom, give the showcase a sense of light and brisk. 7mm flat LED lighting panels were used to cover the inner surface of the top, integrating seamlessly like a whole. The adoption of 8+8mm anti-reflective glass promised a clear view of exhibits, felt simple and elegant.  

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