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Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum (Reconstruction of Sunbird)

Time:June-24-2020 13:16    Reading volume:993

On our way towards our goal to be a premier brand in high-end Museum Round display cases, Relicase has always being in the lead. One of the proof is that since our first incorporation in 2010, we have been rated premier supplier for display cases for Jinsha Site Museum for nearly 10 years. The museum entrusted us with temporary exhibitions, museum display case upgrading custom 

In the early 2020, we installed the Sun and immortal birds gold ornament into a brand-new  Round display cases system.

The Sun and immortal birds gold ornament is placed in the centre of the Peak of Perfection Hall on the ground floor of Jinsha Site Museum.(As indicated position 1 on the diagram)。 A single spotlight shines right through the ornament, evoking a sacred atmosphere.

The 2.5 meter in diameter arc showcase displaying the Sun and immortal birds gold ornament was specially designed and fabricated. It was a real challenge balancing between layout and function. To achieve an intact and transparent finish, we sealed the glass hood on site and hid the opening access internally. Shock-resistant device was also installed under the FRP pedestal in case of earthquake. The crystal clear presence of the gold ornament rotates slowly above the pedestal. With special lighting effect, the gold ornament seemed to float around in the showcase. This fully delivers the sense of elegance and divinity.

The showcase aptly received to be a success story. It was just another perfect illustration of Relicase’s constant pursuit in design and technology innovations.

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