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Shanghai Lu Xun Museum

Time:April-24-2015 11:01    Reading volume:3918

      Shanghai Luxun Museum was built from a distinct folk residence of Southern China style in Luxun Park, No.200, Tianai road, Hongkou, Shanghai.The museum was founded in 1950 by Ministry of Culture, East China Military and Political Commission, and opened to the public in January, 1951. Former Prime Minister Mr. Zhou Enlai personally inscribed the name plate for this first celebrity memorial since the establishment of P.R.C.

     After reviewing our past experience in celebrity museums as Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Museum Hong Kong and Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum, Shanghai Luxun Museum entrusted their display to Relicase since 2015. In the following 3 years, we made our best in selecting materials, matching colors, and installing practical facilities. The Museum seemed impressed by our works.

     The design concept for showcases in this museum incorporated three keywords: Celebrity, Luxun Personality, and memorial.

To meet the need of exhibits shifting, we designed special storage boxes for collapsible showcases to keep them when they are not in use. The storage boxes can be piled up to save space for the storeroom.

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