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Jiangsu Art Museum Of China

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Art museums are important indicator and educator of artistic culture of a city, or even a nation. They bear the responsibility of accumulating artistic wealth and inheriting cultural traditions. Founded in 1936, Jiangsu Art Museum is the first national art museum in modern China. As the commence of modern art museum in China and major artistic studies and cultural exhibiting facilities in Jiangsu, the museum possesses two pavilions. Relicase was entrusted with the exhibition development for the “new” pavilion, which was built in the era of the Republic of China. Inspired by the twist design of the building architecture, we developed classic Wall display cases with a minimalist style for this modern art museum.

We infused traditional aesthetics into the modern design of customized showcases for the new pavilion. Following the “westernization” theme in the Republic of China, we designed our showcases as part of an  interpretation of our cultural heritage.

Paintings are the main collection of most art museums. They demand proper lighting to reveal their beauty, yet are vulnerable to intense  lighting and temperature changes. To protect these delicate exhibits, we adopted track-mounted LED wall washers which effectively filter out UV radiation and harmful lights. Adjustable spotlights bring convenience to adopt various angles and lumen to various displays.

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