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The Palace Of Longevity And Health The Palace Museum

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For the palace of longevity and health - palace museum, Relicase supplied museum showcases base on the exhibit character, met the client's requirement.

The Palace of Longevity and Good Health, also known as Shoukang Palace or Shoukanggong, is a typical palace building of ancient China. Located to the west of the Palace of Compassion and Tranquility in the west of the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. It is not the grandest one among all the magnificent buildings in the Forbidden City, but it is of great significance because of its complete structure and sound facilities. The palace looks like a rectangle, covering an area of 8,436 square meters.

Construction of the Palace of Longevity and Health took place from December 1735 (the thirteenth year of the Yongzheng reign) to October 1736 (the first year of the Qianlong reign)。 It was Qianlong Emperor who ordered this palace built for his mother, Empress Dowager Chongqing. Since then it became the palace exclusively reserved for empress dowagers.

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Treasure Gallery of the Palace Museum
Hall of Martial Valor of the Palace Museum
East & West Chamber of Qianqing Gong Exhibition
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