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The Grand Baoen Temple Nanjing

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The Grand Baoen Temple in Nanjing has passed down its Buddhist heritage continuously for a thousand years, preaching that one should always be grateful for their encounters, be it good or bad, and all that happened stem from a cause. The world-renown Grand Baoen Temple and the Glazed Pagoda were commissioned to be built and named by Emperor Yongle to repay the debt of gratitude, especially the unlimited debt to one’s parents for bringing them up. Precious Buddhist sacred objects like Sakyamuni Usnisa, Induction Sarira, Xuanzang Usnisa, and Eminent Sarira have been consecrated here for more than a millennium.

To provide adequate protection over these priceless treasures while creating religious atmosphere in exhibition hall, we made great efforts in museum display case design, lighting arrangement, and microclimate control. In the end, we incorporated classic wall cases into the traditional Chinese style exhibition hall and installed full vision cases for 3D exhibition hall in contemporary style.

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