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Capital Museum China
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The Beijing Capital Museum has a  wide variety of cultural artifacts which  dedicated its exhibition for the 2008  Beijing Olympic Games. Due to its  collection, the museum sets stringent  requirements for the control and  precision of its humidity levels. We  adopted a EBC high precisionelectron  nic humidity control system, which can measure, and deliver the  precise humidity control in the display  environment for jade, lacquer, bronze,  porcelain, paintings and other different  types of sensitive exhibits. At the same  time, the condition for fully-concealed installations in the display standardswas a mayor pre-requisite to achievethe esthetic requirements set out by the museum.

A selection of the large-scale paintingsdemanded for separate showcases toadopt an inter-connected and sharedconstant temperature and humiditycontrol systems to maintain the temperature and humidity levels within these showcases. The advantageof this technique is that thehigh-powered constant temperatureand humidity control systemscollectively is able to achieve the sametemperature humidity throughoutseparate showcases effectively. Its onlydrawback is that individual control andcalibration is relatively non-existent,that is, it cannot realize theindependent regulation of temperatureand humidity value for each showcaseIn addition, the different locations andthe laying of the piping layout posedmany challenges to deliver the efficacof the entire set-up and installation ofthese technical control systems withinthe exhibition halls.

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