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Han Tianheng Art Museum

Time:March-23-2013 15:20    Reading volume:3811

      As an art museum named after the artist, Han Tianheng Art Museum is undoubtedly suffused with charisma of the artist. It houses 1136 pieces of artistic works, including works of paintings and calligraphy of contemporary carving Master Han Tianheng himself, and his rich collection of 140+ works of art.

     Our experience in art museums originated from 2006, with China National Arts & Crafts Museum, the first of its kind. In April 2013, Relicase won the tendering for customed glass display cases for Han Tianheng Art Museum. To fit into the artistic atmosphere of museum and exhibition, we drew out the most classic series of wall cases, tabletop cases, and built-in wall cases. The elegant layout of our showcases blend perfectly into the exhibition, just like smooth lines carved out of solid seals. The extreme simplicity is the fruit of our unremitting pursuit for high quality and craftsmanship.

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