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Nanjing Museum

Time:February-22-2013 14:17    Reading volume:698

       The museum display showcases for Nanjing Museum were designed with Demountable modular  glass display case  style and look incorporating leading advancement in showcase-making technology. capable of displaying exhibits in 360 degree clarity. Available in single or multi-bays configurations, they can support a wide range of shelving, display and lighting options.In addition, the profiles of the showcase and its resulting appearance and its internal display areas were reworked to achieve excellent visual presentation. Combined with the colors selected by the display design team, these showcases reflect a regal tone of elegant, generous and meticulous style. 

  The application of stainless steel plates and aluminum alloy of more than 3mm in thickness were key to ensure that the project meets the display standards, At the same time, in order to show the simplicity of style, we developed a new electric lifting opening device to minimize the profile of the showcase external frames making the entire showcase as "invisible" as possible. At the same time, high-quality sheet metal processing technology, welding technology, glass bonding process, etc. delivered the new design towards perfection.

  Material selection is also critical to the success of the project. We used anti-reflective, low-iron content glass and fiber optic lighting system(FOLS) to meet the demand and high quality  of the exhibition

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