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Shanghai Natural History Museum

Time:December-18-2013 14:05    Reading volume:1992

For the Shanghai Natural History Museum, Relicase design and install a large number of museum display cases, including free-standing and circular arc cases. This is our first large natural museum display case project.

The Shanghai Natural History Museum is a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The major challenge of this project is a large number of irregular cases, such as polygonal free-standing cases and circular arc cases. They require extremely high machining accuracy on sheet metals, glass, aluminum profile frames among others. Furthermore, the design of the opening structure must be clever and well-thought-through to secure the motion path of irregular glass.

Compared with relics or heritage museums, natural history museums require display cases with an extra-high load-carrying capacity. This is because the dimensions of exhibits may differ from very small. In the case of butterfly specimens to ultra-big like megafauna specimens or skeletal fossils. The weights of exhibits may differ from light as with feather or fur specimens to heavy as with large-scale geological specimens. Due to the presence of a great number of color-rich specimen exhibits, restoring their original colors is necessary when introducing an illumination system.

Besides, beautiful colors are needed to create an amazing display atmosphere. The colors and materials of case surfaces must be selected carefully before a final decision is made. For cases with a high probability of interaction with viewers, interrelated structures must be calculated accurately on these display cases for the purpose of the installation of multimedia devices.

As one of the biggest natural history museums in China, the Shanghai Natural History Museum is a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The new Shanghai Natural History Museum is located in the sculpture park of Jing An District, Shanghai. It covers an area of 45,257 square meters, has a permanent exhibition area of 17,280 square meters. The Museum has over 280,000 exhibits, which can be categorized into plants, animals, paleontology, geology, and humanity. There are more than 150,000 plant specimens, over 4,000 mammal specimens, almost 33,000 insect specimens, more than 50,000 invertebrate specimens, over 5,000 geological specimens, over 8,000 paleontology specimens, and more than 3,500 human specimens, with the number of fish, bird, and amphibian specimens all exceeding

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