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Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum

Time:March-23-2008 10:38    Reading volume:3737

A night robe with 73 patches, a dented tea cup, and 800+ items lie quietly in the exhibition halls in Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum. It is hard to imagine that these are personal items of the legendary founder of P.R.C., Mao Zedong. What stories they are going to tell us? How we could save the relics for future generations? Let’s take a walk into the Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum with Relicase.

In order to exhibit these relics under proper protection, we conducted extensive research and took well-targeted conservation and protection measures.Relicase offered diverse design solutions according to different protection levels. In aspects as lighting, humidity control, and glass type.

Fibre optic lighting is adopted here for its excellent performance in color rendering, light conducting, and reliability. Introduction of dimmer system and PIR sensors allows us to achieve smart control over lighting: when the system senses approaching visitors, it dims lights up to a set value gradually in 3 seconds. When visitors leave, lights are dimmed down to 20lux in 3 seconds. This minimizes exposure of relics to lights, and saves energy at the same time.

The use of customized aluminum grilles and opalescent UV-proof glass keeps the UV content in the cabinet below 10uW/ Lumen. Air exchange rate is kept < 0.2/Day, which surpasses National standard of <0.5/Day, and reaches the highest international standard of 0.1-0.2/Day. Relative humidity is controlled by active micro-climate generator with controlling precision of ±1.5%.

Low iron ultra white glass ensures excellent visibility with its high purity and transparency. All structural fixations are sealed with Dow-Corning neutral sealant to secure straight airtight and steady adhesion.

Dressing fabric is made of conservation grade materials without acid emission, and is attached to panels by manual method to avoid pollution caused by adhesives.

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