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Terracotta Warriors Exhibition At The Beijing Olympic Games 2008

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For the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Relicase worked with Hypsos on the design of the display case with a glass top. By participating in big projects like the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Relicase gained Invaluable experience and most diverse challenges also received great approval from the client.

Five pieces of The Terracotta Warriors from Emperor Qin Shihuang (Qin Dynasty ~ 221 to 206 BC) were exhibited during the Beijing Olympic Games 2008 at the Johnson & Johnson Olympic Exhibition Center in Olympic Park. These actual size genuine artifacts include a standing as well as a kneeling warrior figurine, two officers and a fully restored figurine which was originally in fragmented pieces.

We worked with Hypsps, a design firm, on the design of an exhibit case with a glass top to complement the overall style of the exhibition hall. Due to the large size of the display showcases and in consideration of the need for repeated use of these showcases, the showcases were made as detachable units. These showcases were also designed to bear the combined weight of the heavy artifacts as well as the workers and curators putting up this exhibition. After the Beijing Olympic Games, the showcases were donated to the Museum of The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang. We also provided the services of detaching the showcases in Beijing and transporting them to Xi'an.

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