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China Museum of Fujian-Taiwan Kinship

Time:April-23-2020 09:30    Reading volume:1361

For the China Museum of Fujian-Taiwan Kinship, since its inception in 2006, Relicase designed many showcases and still have long-lasting cooperation.

China Museum for Fujian-Taiwan kinship is a theme institution, mainly showing the historical relationships between China mainland and Taiwan. Located north of Quanzhou's West Lake, just east of Quanzhou Museum. It has 4 treasures, Ancient Lugang Pummerin, fresco made by the explosion, fossils of Rhinoceros and elephant.

The China Museum for Fujian-Taiwan Kinship, a national museum that explains the historical relationship between the mainland province of Fujian and the island of Taiwan. The museum was established in 2004 and now serves as a national education base for youngsters. The museum has seven exhibition halls which tell the geographical, historical, cultural and commercial relationship between Fujian and Taiwan.

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