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Famen Temple Museum

Time:April-23-2020 09:12    Reading volume:2850

Famen Temple, renowned for storing the veritable Finger Bone sarari of Sakyamuni, is located in Fufeng County of Shaanxi Province. Famen Temple Museum was established in 1987 to enshrine and exhibit the relic of Sakyamuni sarari and the precious royal treasures and jewelry unearthed from its underground site.

 Custom the exhibition display case for the Famen Temple Museum

Since 2007, Relicase was invited to Custom the exhibition display case for the Famen Temple museum. We have been working closely with the museum for optimal solutions on display. Located within an earthquake-prone zone, Famen Temple has suffered 2 major earthquakes in the past. Thus we introduced shock-resistant techniques into the design. 19 freestanding showcases were equipped with shock-resistant platforms to secure the precious exhibits. Anti-reflective glass panels were installed into 7 of the cases to achieve a more transparent view for the treasures.

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