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Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu

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Jinsha Site Museum is a regular client of Relicase, we offered customized museum display cases, regular maintenance, special renovations throughout the years. Our designed display case better protected the cultural relics and was fully affirmed by the museum and society.

Located in Chengdu, Jinsha Site Museum is built on the original location of the Jinsha Site. It is found in 2001 and the first important archaeological discovery found in the early 21 century in China. This is a site museum for the conservation, study, and exhibition of Jinsha culture and ancient Shu civilization. The museum consists of Relics Hall, Exhibition Hall, Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Ecological Garden. It covers an area of 300,000 square meters and a floor area of 38,000 square meters. Moreover, it is also the modern garden-type museum with the function of education, research, and recreation, and also the symbolic landscape for the profound history of Chengdu. It exhibits the archaeological finds of the Jinsha Site, perfectly showings the civilization of the ancient Shu State in the Sichuan area.

The discovery of the Jinsha site has pushed forward the Chengdu history from 2,300 years ago to 3,000 years ago. It offers an opportunity to improve the popularity of Chengdu, the Historical and Cultural City of China. It is confirmed to be another important arisen center of culture, economy, and politics in Chengdu Plain after the decline of the Sanxingdui civilization that is the 9th “World Miracle”。 On the site, a great variety of artifacts in large numbers were unearthed, including more than 5,000 articles of gold, bronze, jade, stone, ivory, and lacquered wood, as well as millions of pottery potsherds, tons of ivory and thousands of boar tusks and deer horns. Important artifacts include elephant tusks and workings in gold such as the sunbird and a face mask. It is a rare site museum among Chinese museums because of its combination of modern civilization and the civilization of ancient Shu State (Sichuan Province was called Shu State in ancient times), as well as the combination of ecological environment and culture.

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