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National Arts and Crafts Museum of China

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Relicase supplied the free standing showcases for the China National Arts and Crafts Museum, we considered its character on design to highlight the exhibit.

Located on the fifth floor of the Parkson Department store in Fuxing Men Nei Dajie 101, East City District, Beijing, China, the China National Arts & Crafts Museum offers a fresh new variety away from the traditional museums. This museum specializes in the collection and presentation of modern, state-level treasures from all around the country.

The four sections of this art museum features arts and crafts, national folk art, Beijing folk art and modern folk art. The famous four national treasures of jadeite carvings are among the splendid art collections and displays. Striking exhibits include clay figurines from Jiangsu, cloisonne from Beijing, lacquerware from Fujian, and ceramics from Jingdezhen. Among its collections are several precious artworks that have won national and international top awards, along with some masterpieces by the finest artists and artisans in China.

The China Arts and Crafts Museum brings together the best of contemporary Chinese arts and crafts, and is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite craftsmanship and unique national charm. In particular, the large-scale jade treasures, which are known as the “National Treasures”, have been praised by the state for their precious materials, perfect design and exquisite craftsmanship.

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