Standard museum display cases

As an important part of exhibitions, display cabinets in museums play a better role in spreading science and display cases in museums can be divided into four categories according to their Placement and Two opening type

four categories according to their Placement


Freestanding display case

Royal Brunei Islamic Museum

Freestanding display cases often come in the form of a tall cubic glass hood standing on robust steel plinth, which allows objects to be viewed from all perspectives. Therefore they are the best choice for displaying center pieces of an exhibition. There are plenty of accessing, lighting, locking, and environmental control options for you to create your unique showcase. Freestanding cases are adaptable to any location in a hall, and thus are most favourable pieces of many museums. Standard configuration of freestanding cases are steel plinth with powder coated cladding, aluminum alloy extrusion frame, ultra-clear laminated glass glazing, manually hinge open door, LED lighting, with mechanical cam locks. Settings are open to change according to your need.


Wall-standing display case & recessed display cases

National Textile Museum Of Malaysia

Wall display cases are a large category of display cases, including Wall-mounted display cases, Built-in wall cases, Niche wall display cases, and others.Built along/on the wall, wall display cases introduce the most economical way to make use of the showroom. Wall display cases can be customized to cover a whole wall, leave the exhibiting surface neat and elegant.Thanks to the structure, they also provide sufficient facade for the display of flat objects like paintings, carpets, garments,etc. In the case of built-in wall cases, 5 sides of the case are fitted against walls, provides high-security display areas.Our professional design team can meet customers’ requirements. We offer following types of wall display cases:

Table display cases: glass cubes & bases

National Textile Museum Of Malaysia Frameless scalable Display Case on Pedestal

Table top display cases are perfect platform to exhibit small artifacts, with easy accessible opening mechanism, high level of security and precise micro-climate control. They are ideal for close watch too, and are widely used by museums, libraries, and archives to display books and scrolls . Clear glass hoods on top are opened either by gas springs or by electric actuators.

National Gallery Singapore

storage systems display cases Applicable to high density or compact display and storage. The perfect combination of look-down display and high-security storage at the same time.