Large Museum display cases

Museum display cases are museum-specific equipment used to display and preserve cultural relics.The Large Museum display cases is selected after giving comprehensive consideration to a number of factors, e.g. requirements on display design, type of cultural relics, characteristics of architectural structure, position, permanent planning of exhibition hall, etc。

Our accumulated experience and excellent professional skills guide us throughout each project to solve even the custome Large Museum display cases.

In Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Relicas designed and fabricated high-security, high-quality Large Museum display cases which include: Large curved freestanding display case, Large triangle display case, Large circular freestanding display case, Large exhibit cases with Roman vault

Large curved freestanding display case

Large triangle display case

Our design team regularly collaborates with top museum experts, display designers, architects and artists to complete exhibition projects. Our accumulated experience and excellent professional skills guide us throughout each project to solve even the most complicated issues.Large exhibit cases with Roman vault 

Our design team regularly collaborates with top museum experts, display designers, architects and artists to complete exhibition projects. Our accumulated experience and excellent professional skills guide us throughout each project to solve even the most complicated issues.

More Large Museum display cases  studies

Numismatics Gallery diaplay cases

Relicase design and install Numismatics Gallery diaplay cases for the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum,you can Discover the early history of money.Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery The tree-encircled Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery is an iconic building. It has a comprehensive collection of the history of Malaysian currency and a vast collection of coins, mint coins in the 19 century, and the Central Bank’s rich archives.

Numismatics Gallery diaplay cases

Built-in wall Mounted Display cases for museum

Built-in wall Mounted Display cases are fitted into the recessed walls, leave only one side of the glass in front. With solid walls, they form high-security display areas. They feature a simple and cost-effective design that can be tailored to fit any display. At the same time, the available space is minimized.



Most different from other cases, the recessed structure makes it possible to minimize the lighting influence on the surroundings. The case front can be fitted to any depth of a showcase carcass. This approach provides a high-security display area with 100% full opening access integrated with a concealed side hinge door. The back-wall is a solid backing panel that can come with optional fabric wrapping, folded steel in powder-coated finish or inlaid with vertically adjustable shelving systems for heavy exhibit displays. An optional art sorb compartment for silica gel media is concealed below the bottom dress panel.

Curved museum display case-Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Shanghai Astronomy Museum is the World’s Largest Astronomy Museum .Located in Shanghai, the 420,000-square-foot building was designed to follow the path of the Sun across the day.

For this specific project, the museum required multiple high-security, high-quality exhibit cases.

We designed and fabricated high-security, high-quality signature showcases which include: curved freestanding display case, triangle display case,circular freestanding display case,exhibit cases with Roman vault for inspiring exhibits about the universe as well as explore the vast of spaces and technologies.

About Shanghai Astronomy Museum Cases pictures

Vision display cases-Suzhou Museum West

Relicase has successfully completed the designs and custom museum display cases of Suzhou Museum West.

Planned with a gross floor area of 48,365 square meters and an exhibition area of 13,391 square meters on a 37,600-square-meter site in Shishan Cultural Square, Suzhou National Hi-tech District, the West Museum is envisaged as a modern museum in a larger size and with more diverse functions. It will host not only domestic exhibitions on the general history of the city, Suzhou-style handcraft products, etc. but also international itinerant exhibitions of The British Museum, an international partner of the West Museum. In addition to the planned 5G digital experience hall, the West Museum will include an experience hall for young people focusing on public education development as a significant supplement to school education and social education in Suzhou. The West Museum will take the path of staggering development and strive to be an important functional expansion of Suzhou Museum.

Vision display cases-Suzhou Museum West

Relicase completed the entire museum custom display cases.such as The colossal vertical freestanding cases, wall cases, table cases, and built-in wall cases all bear the mark of exquisite Suzhou craftsmanship. The exhibition perfectly demonstrates the history of of magic craft of Suzhou through elaborate organization.


museum pedestal display cases

The pedestal of museum display cases and the exterior facings are composed of different materials, most commonly steel plates, wood, and stone. You can make your decision on the type of material to choose based on the weight of the exhibits and the weight-bearing capacity of the plinth base. The standard design is a steel plinth base with a weight-bearing capacity of 150Kg/m2 and an electrostatically coated steel plate finish on the exterior facing. Square Pedestal Display Cases are the most commonly used.

Square  museum pedestal display cases:

Circular museum  pedestal display cases:

special designs museum  pedestal display cases:

Relicase manufactured and installed the conservation Frameless all-glass freestanding display cases for the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

2006 -Relicase the museum showcases manufacturer company was tasked with manufacturing and installing the permanent display cases for the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

The Museum of Islamic Art Doha contains Islamic artworks from all over the world. Paintings, glass, metalwork, manuscripts, and textiles dating from the 7th century to the 13th century BC stitches together a glorious history of Islam.

Relicase designed Frameless all-glass freestanding display cases, Provide an integrated lighting system within the showcase itself. The lighting diffuser prevents ultraviolet and heats radiation from entering into the display area whilst evenly distributing light. Constructed on a robust steel plinth, the freestanding display case can be customized with additional lighting, environment control and other features for the display of a wide range of sensitive exhibits. All materials and finishes meet international museum conservation standards.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha Frameless all-glass freestanding case with lighting top element

relicase is the professional in the production of display cases and museum installations, combining as it does the most advanced preventive conservation performance with elegant, discreet design.

By the highest international standards and cooperation with major museums around the world.We have demonstrated extraordinary craftsmanship in major museums around the world such as:

The Palace Museum,

National Museum of China,

Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Museum,

Dr.Sun Yat-sen Museum, Hong Kong,

Shanghai World Expo 2010(City footprint, Expo Museum, French Pavilion),

China National Silk Museum,

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum And Art Gallery

National Textile Museum Of Malaysia

Bank Indonesia Museum

The Potala Palace, Tibet,

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Several museums under Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong,

Chung Tai World Museum,

Alutiiq Center, Anchorage, U.S.A.,

V&A Gallery at Design Society, Shekou,

The foundation and the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

National Gallery Singapore,

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization,

Bolger Koran Museum, Russia,


Our designs fits perfectly into masterpiece museums designed by renown architect I.M.Pei & partners such as :

Royal Islamic Museum of Brunei,

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha,

Suzhou Museum

The Special Exhibition of Romance of Three Kingdoms

The Special Exhibition of Romance of Three Kingdoms was launched at chengdu on On 31st March,The Three Kingdoms exhibition, which cost two years of planning and preparation, opened at Wu Hou Shrine of Chengdu on Wednesday.Relicase supplied the museum display cases for the exhibition.

Guan was a famous military general in Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD) and widely revered for his loyalty and righteousness.

The entire main color of the exhibition is red, choosing the best materials, including some of the best lighting and display cases. The showcase is undertaken by our company. The team members completed the project task on time! Received the praise of the museum and the community!

Display cases Series: wall cases, freestanding display cases, built-in wall cases, and customized niche wall cases.

First oil tanker museum in the world Surakhani ship-museum opens to the public

First oil tanker museum in the world Surakhani ship-museum opens to the public, Relicase designed and customed the wall display cases、Freestanding display cases、Table display cases for it.

Surakhani ship-museum

The tanker Surakhany with a length of 123.5 meters and a deadweight of 4696 tons belongs to the type of ship “Engineer A. Pustoshkin”, launched for the first time in the Caspian Sea in 1957.

Until recently, the tanker Surakhany was used as an oil refinery station of the ASCO. In 2017, the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC (ASCO) decid to turn the vessel into a museum.

In order to meet international standards, ASCO cooperated with more than 100 influential foreign and local companies.The British company Freeman XP presented the concept and design of the project. Having implemented many successful projects, this company has 90 years of experience in this field. The Dutch company Hypsos(Hypsos team visited Relicase’s factory), which is distinguished by its professionalism in the design of world-famous museums, scientific centers, and various-themed pavilions, was responsible for the project design.

In March 2021, the Surakhani ship-museum opens to the public. Relicase undertook the project of display cases make and install。