Cooperation with World Expo

Cooperation with World Expo(Shanghai, Milan Dubai and so on) that description of Relicase showcases in World Expo, photos and introduction of museums. By participating in big projects as the World Expo, Relicase gained Invaluable experience and most diverse challenges, also received great approvl from client.

At 2010 Shanghai Expo, We designed the display cases for Shanghai Expo Museum and Urban Footprint Museum, also French Pavilion. Prior to this, We gained Invaluable experience through providing services for large-scale events. Such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics. On the World Expo project, our project management capabilities were fully tested and well received.

Shanghai World Expo Museum and Urban Footprint Museum bring together a collection of hundreds of precious cultural relics from all over the world. To protect this collection during the World Expo, we cooperated with the key research base of SACH Cultural Relics Bureau to carry out strict testing on all the materials used in our exhibit cases and provided samples for testing the air-tightness of the cases while engaging in the solution design. In collaborating closely with the expert team from Shanghai Museum on the modification, and improvement of the final design proposals, we developed a set of air quality and humidity control methods to meet the requirements for the display environment of international museums.

France Pavilion present pictures from 7 world-famous artists. Due to their priceless value, we focus security, protection and display on the showcase design. The inner atmosphere was totally followed by The Optimal Standard of HQE, and international criterion of large museum, besides current safety code.

Orsay Museum Treasures of the France Pavilion
Cooperation projects:France Pavilion Exhibition
Expo 2010 Pavilion of Footprint
Cooperation projects:Expo 2010 Pavilion of Footprint
Shanghai World Exposition Museum
Cooperation projects:Shanghai World Exposition Museum
French Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010
Cooperation projects:France Pavilion