Why Choose Relicase

Why choose Relicase museum display cases? over 15 years of experience, professional design, R&D focused, quality control, excellent services and more.

Relicase specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of a variety of Museum display cases, which aims to deliver high quality, customized solutions for the exhibition, display, and preservation of historical artifacts as well as modern works of art.


Experiences - Through joint efforts with our partners for over 10 years, we have established a network of affiliates and agencies all the world.


R&D - Our R&D center is committed to researching and improving the application of microenvironment controls within showcases.


Design - Our design team regularly collaborates with top museum experts, display designers, architects, and artists to complete exhibition projects.


Customization - We can build Custom Display Cases and showcase as per customers' specification. Just give your idea to Relicase, and leave all the rest to us.


Quality Control - We prize high-quality work and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Our offered products are manufactured in accordance with international standards.


Service - We deems excellent services are as important as extraordinary quality. We put our customer needs above all else, and we serve every customer with strong business ethics and integrity.