Wall Display Cases

Wall display cases are a large category of display cases, including Wall-mounted display cases, Built-in wall cases, Niche wall display cases, and others.

Built along/on the wall, wall display cases introduce the most economical way to make use of the showroom. Because of the structure, they also provide sufficient facade for the display of flat objects like paintings, carpets, garments,etc. Wall display cases can be customized to cover a whole wall, leave the exhibiting surface neat and elegant. In the case of built-in wall cases, 5 sides of the case are fitted against walls, provides high-security display areas.

Our professional design team can meet customers' requirements. We offer the following types of wall display cases:

Gallery dimension display cases are optimal for big exhibits, capable of featuring objects with large surface yet leave the entire gallery space uninterrupted

Built-in wall cases are extremely solid and secure

Wall-mounted display cases mounted directly against wall surfaces to provide a close-up, intimate view of the objects

Niche wall display cases can be mounted directly against a wall surface with a hinged glass hood to provide a frameless glass case with a clear viewing side