Security & Safety

The showcase is the last barrier between an exhibit and audience. Relicase are provided built-in security & safety features, Locking Devices and Alarm System.

Locking Devices

We recommend locks from Abloy, which has been recognized for its high security performance and is the brand designated by international museums. Abloy's unique masterkey management system allows only classified and authorized management access to our showcases.


For showcases where it is not suitable to install mechanical locks, we provide electronic locks which can be remotely opened or closed. For showcases using electric open systems, the wirelessly controlled electric opening mechanism is configured with mechanical self-locking. Fingerprint recognition systems are also an option for opening showcases.


Alarm System

Different alarm systems can be selected based on the level of security required for exhibits. Alarm or security systems such as door open detection, movement detection, glass break detection, vibration sensors and more are available.