Auxiliary Functions

Lighting Modules


Lighting modules manage and control the lighting inside showcases. They can turn on or off every type of light (fluorescent lights, low voltage spotlights, incandescent lights, fiber optic lights, LED lights, etc.) and adjust their illumination levels.


Automatic Display Hanging System


Using the automatic display hanging system, museum staff can easily display large paintings or scrolls, while avoiding any possible damage to the exhibits. The automatic display hanging system is recommended for large wall showcases.


Showcase Comprehensive Management System (TCFA)


TCFA is a LAN-based remote monitor-control system. TCFA integrates all the display equipment in an exhibition hall or even exhibition halls via Wi-Fi using an Ethernet open communication network system.


With TCFA, wireless touch screens (WHMI) on the control terminal can be used to open or close the showcase doors and control different types of auxiliary function modules within showcases, such as lighting modules and automatic display hanging systems. TCFA allows different lighting scenarios to be selected and adjusted and these combinations can be saved for future applications.


In addition, TCFA can collect and process environmental data within showcases, such as temperature, humidity, lighting levels, ultraviolet intensity, formaldehyde content, and the content of suspended particles, and turn the data into graphs for easy reference by management.