Service Maintenance

Our service and maintenance guarantee covers every aspect of our meetings and contacts with our customers. This includes a complete understanding of your needs and a comprehensive brief from you beforehand. This also covers the production and installation phases. Lastly, we are always around to ensure that long after you have been using our showcases, we can be called upon to help you whenever you require.

Briefing & Before Sales
  Provide our extensive professional expertise in the application know and project production solutions.

Production & Installation
  Strict quality-control standards monitored delivery to site, meticulous on-site installation and finishing on schedule.

Post-delivery & Maintenance Service
  ● Lighting maintenance and upgrades
  ● Repairing glass and replacements, (eg. glass doors/panels and door seals)
  ● Refurbishment and relocation of display cases
  ● Upgrading fabric or paint-works
  ● Normal monitoring/cleaning of standard equipment
  ● Retrofitting microclimate control equipment
  ● Accessories: Locks and Keys, showcase inner shelvings/plinths/mounts, hanging rods or graphic rails, and other add-ons.

For any of the above-mentioned services or maintenance requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website contacts directly.