Museum Display Cases Products

Relicase supplied various of museum display case and showcase products, including Custom, Free-standing, wall cases, Table top display cases and Storage System. We also provide display cases technical assistance. All designed in house and manufactured in our factory, here in the China. This not only ensures product consistency with swift delivery, but also that everything is produced to extremely high standards, with great care taken at all stages of the manufacturing and finishing process.

Our showcases are built with high technology and innovative engineering for unsurpassed quality and performance. The type of showcase is selected after giving indepth consideration to a number of factors such as the requirements of the display design, type of cultural relics, haracteristics of the architectural structure, position, and long-term planning of the exhibition hall.

Our products ranges will hopefully suit most Clients’ requirements, but should variations or complete custom designs be required, we readily offer design and manufacturing services to meet this need. If you would like any help or advice, please call us on +86 (28) 858 800 66, or email us on