Relicase completed Yangzhou Museum project

In January 2016, Relicase completed Yangzhou Museum China National Treasure Hall Projects, designed showcases for Yuan Zhen blue glaze white dragon plum bottle. The ASTCR Cultural Relics display device in Japan has been added to the showcase design of this project. Our design enhanced the display effect and received high praise from the Yangzhou museum.


This plum bottle now handed down to see only three, one for the palace of the old possession, the existing Summer Palace, a possession of the French Museum of Jimei in Paris, two bottles are damaged, only Yangzhou Museum of the largest device type, ornamentation is the most beautiful.


Yangzhou Museum is the biggest museum in Yangzhou, an ancient city in Jiangsu Province of China. It is located in front of the Mingyue Lake on Yangzhou' West Wenchang Road, about 4 km west of downtown Yangzhou and Slender West Lake. The museum is housed in a modern building, covering an area of 50,000 square meters.


The museum has seven exhibition halls, including Yangzhou history exhibition hall, Ancient Chinese sculpture art museum, Paintings and calligraphy of Yangzhou eight strange men hall, Collection of dynasty paintings and calligraphy in Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty hall, China national treasure hall, Jianyang printing museum and Yangzhou jianyang printing hall.