Xuzhou Museum demountable modular showcase

Xuzhou Museum Deng Yongqing Painting and Calligraphy Halls was rebuilt in June 2016, Relicase supplied a multifunctional demountable modular showcase.


For more showcase information, please click the below link: Demountable modular showcases.


Xuzhou Museum is a comprehensive museum that is responsible for the excavation, protection, exhibition, collection, and research of the historical heritage in Xuzhou City. Xuzhou Museum totally covers an area of 40000 square meters, including a construction area of 20000 square meters and an exhibition area of 6500 square meters.


The main building of the Xuzhou Museum consists of 7 display parts, with more than 2000 collections representing the abundant historical culture of Xuzhou. Deng Yongqing Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Hall is an important temporary exhibition hall that mainly displays Deng Yongqing's collection of paintings and calligraphy and also holds other exhibitions. The exhibition hall covers an area of 405 square meters and the existing exhibition line is 80 meters.


Relicase undertook the project of the Deng Yongqing exhibition hall in the Xuzhou Museum. After the completion of the reconstructed work, the exhibition hall has substantial improvement. It can meet the display needs of various exhibitions.