Relicase won the bid of the treasure gallery of Potala Palace

Relicase won the bid of treasure hall of the Potala Palace on Aug 5, 2019, we will provide it with nearly 30 showcases to display fine cultural relics.


The treasure gallery, located in the Snowy City at the foot of the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet. The treasure gallery include large numbers of precious treasures relating to history, politics, economy, culture and religion in Tibet. The three-story, Tibetan-style structure displays displays treasures such as precious Tibetan classics, antiquities, Buddhist statues, Thangka (a Tibetan art of scroll painting), and religious implements.


The reconstruction project of the treasure hall of Potala Palace was carried out on 15th, July 2019. We cooperate with a building decoration company and will provide them with various showcases to better display these exquisite artifacts.