Exhibition of Tibet cultural relics at Potala Palace

Exhibition of Tibet cultural relics was launched at Potala Palace, Lhasa on Sep 26, 2019, Relicase supplied the museum display cases for the exhibition.


This exhibition mainly to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC). It showcased more than 200 pieces of fine cultural relics including seals, thangkas, Buddha statues, porcelain ware, and silk fabrics. Many of them are displayed for the first time. Among them, more than 20 national treasure-level cultural relics debuted, showing the close relationship between Tibet and the central government. The central government has been effective in Tibet for generations. Governance and exchanges between Tibet and the various ethnic groups in the Inland.


The entire main color of the exhibition is red, choosing the best materials, including some of the best lighting and display cases. The showcase is undertaken by our company. The team members completed the project task on time! Received the praise of the museum and the community!


Display cases Series: wall cases, freestanding display cases, built-in wall cases, and customized niche wall cases.