Relicase won the Suzhou Museum showcase project

In Sep 2018, Relicase won the Suzhou Museum showcase project, and we will deliver customized tabletop cases, freestanding cases, and wall display cases. We will be tailored and delivered to all museum display cases in accordance with the highest international quality and technology.

Suzhou Museum

The New Suzhou Museum was designed by famed Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, in association with Pei Partnership Architects. The construction of this building started in 2002. It was inaugurated on October 6, 2006. The museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, paintings, calligraphies, and hand-made crafts, situated in No. 204 Dongbei Street in Gusu District.

Suzhou Museum Entrance Sign

Covering a span of over 10,700 square meters, the museum has a display area of 2,200 square meters. It has more than 15,000 pieces in its collections. Suzhou was the artistic center of China in the Ming period – the 15th to 16th centuries. The new Suzhou Museum exhibits four permanent collections related to this artistically flourishing era: Wu Treasures, Wu Pagoda Relics, Wu Arts and Crafts, and Wu Paintings and Calligraphy.


In this project, the shape of the showcase we designed will be in harmony with the exhibition design style of the exhibition hall, with simple lines and exquisite craftsmanship. The showcase has good security, anti-theft and anti-destructive. According to the type of display cabinet, and the installation position of the display cabinet, it is electrically opened to facilitate opening and setting up under the premise of ensuring safety. Any type of display cabinet can be opened by one person. Please contact us for more details.