Shenzhen Museum display cases contract

On June 4, 2019, Relicase has obtained the Shenzhen Museum display cases contract, we will design and install 33 display cases for the Shenzhen Museum.


Shenzhen Museum was founded in 1981. It consists of 4 museum sites including Shenzhen Museum of History and Folk Culture, Shenzhen Museum of Ancient Art, Dongjiang River Guerrilla Command Headquarters Memorial Museum and Shenzhen Reform and Opening-up Exhibition Hall. Shenzhen Museum covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters. It serves the function of collection, protection, research, display, and education. As a large-scale headquarter-division museum, Shenzhen Museum is honored as the National 1st-Level Museum, National  Classic Red Tourism Spot and the National Social Science Popularization Base.


There are 5 basic displays in the Shenzhen Museum. They are “Ancient Shenzhen”, “Modern Shenzhen”, “Shenzhen’s Reform and Opening Up History” and “Shenzhen Folk Culture”. which systematically shows the city history and folk culture of Shenzhen. The exhibition of “Shenzhen’s Reform and Opening Up History " is the pioneer in the collection, research, and exhibition of cultural relics in the history of reform and opening up, which has become the model of the exhibition of contemporary history.


We are honored to design and install display cases for the Calligraphy and Painting Hall of the Shenzhen Museum, including wall cases, double-sided cases, and flat cases.