Relicase won the bid of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On May 27, 2013, Relicase won the bid of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Archives Center, will supplied display cases for the calligraphy and painting exhibits. Then we finished the debug work in October.


Operation center of Shen Zhen Stock Exchange is designed by world famous architect Rem Koolhaas, which is reputed as world largest hanging garden. Cooperating with ERCO, Schneider, Schott and MiniClima, Relicase has offered high-quality & energy saving display integrating high degree of automation, low reflection, auto humidity control, perfect lighting. With the extreme size of Amiran anti-reflection glass, Relicase has created a transparent exhibition effect. Under the condition of un-proper ratio between height and width, our LED wall washer has reached perfect lighting requirement.


With the use of DALI dimming system, it makes the dimming and scene mode more convenient. WIHI wireless controlling system has controlled the display cases with integration between the system of motor-driven door open & motor picture hanging. CTH humidity generator has supplied the 137 m3 space with exact humidity control. The system functional designing and operating convenience has reflected Relicase’s concept of creating safe & easy-operating Museum display cases.