Nanjing Niushou Mountain Buddha's Palace

Relicase completed the showcases project for buddha statues in Nanjing Niushou Mountain Buddha's Palace in October 2015 and received the great approval.


Niushou Mountain is located in the Jiangning District of Nanjing. The mountain twin peaks look like ox horns, hence the name. The beautiful scenery of Niushou Mountain in spring has been widely known.  With profound culture, it is the location for battle against Jin Wuzhu led by Yuefei and the tomb of Zheng He. With abundant Buddhism culture, Niutou Sect of Chinese Zen Buddhism is cultivated and developed here.


Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone is a recent major cultural project in Nanjing. Based on the philosophy of establishing 'new heritage of world Buddhism culture, and new sight of modern architecture art', with the theme of 'long-time enshrining of Buddhist holy relic--Usnisa', the whole tourist attraction takes full advantage of ecological, cultural and tourism resources to create the wonderful scenery for ecology, culture, and leisure.