Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall opens to the Public

At the beginning of 2019, Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall opens to the public, Relicase delivered the freestanding cases and along with the wall cases. Our design received high praise from the client.

Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall

Undergone 16 months of the overall renovation, Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall is open to the public. The exhibition hall is divided into three floors. The first-level hall picks up high atrium space to high atrium space to set up the city's image wall with a height of 15 meters and it looks magnificently. The second floor is equipped with a historical hall and a planning hall. The total sand table area is expanded to 1,200 square meters. Panoramic rendering of the image of the metropolis. On the third floor, there are functional areas such as the theme exhibition and the conference center.


In Aug 2018, we are awarded the showcase contract for the Nanjing Planning Exhibition Hall. After months of work, we delivered the project successfully, our excellent design was highly recognized by the museum.