Relicase completed Nanjing Museum 2018 New Project

Relicase completed the Nanjing Museum 2018 New Project in Dec. 2018, delivered the freestanding display cases and received high praise from the museum.


The showcase uses 6+6 low-reflection laminated glass to filter 99% of the UV rays. The fixed part of the glass is sealed with Apolo glue, the movable part is made of 40° glass splicing, and the custom Y-type sealing strip is sealed to make the appearance seam look more natural and harmonious.


The museum-specific high- intensity hinged opening access system ensures added safety. For the lighting design, a final decision was made to utilize 12 LED embedded small spotlights from WAC Lighting.


The base frame of the showcase is welded by high-strength steel rectangular tube welding. Four high-loaded universal casters are mounted on the bottom to move the showcase as needed.