Minhang Museum Opens to the Public

On Sep 26, 2019, Minhang Museum opened to the public, Relicase design 40 museum display cases for it, including built-in wall cases, freestanding cases, etc.


Minhang Museum is located at 1538 Xinzhen Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. The museum’s floor area exceeds 15,000 square meters. It has 3 storeys and 3 permanent exhibition halls: 'The 700 Years of History of Shanghai County', 'Maqiao Culture' and 'Chinese Folk Musical Instruments', showing the evolvement of history in the Minhang District and the diversified culture of Chinese folk musical instruments.


We supplied freestanding display cases and tabletop display cases for 'Maqiao Culture'. And designed built-in wall cases, freestanding display cases, flat cases for 'The 700 Years of History of Shanghai County'. Our designs and craftmanship wan a brisk approval and received full appreciation from the museum.


Minhang Museum enriches the cultural landscape of the Minhang District. It highlights the long history, outstanding culture, and talents of the Minhang District and the local people’s pioneering spirit and the achievements they made in reform and opening up.