Mianyang Museum opened to the public

The Mianyang Museum was opened to the public on Aug 10, 2016, Relicase designed and installed the museum showcases and completed the project on time. The new Mianyang Museum covers an area of 43,527.94 square meters, with an actual construction area of 29,960 square meters and a total investment of 230 million yuan. It is located in the west of Fule Mountain, the north side of Fule Hall, and the east bank of Furong River. A step away from the Chinese Scientist Park, it has become another landmark and cultural landscape in beautiful Mianyang. It is a modern comprehensive museum with complete functions and facilities.


In June 2016, Relicase completed the installation and commissioning of the new pavilion. The new Mianyang Museum was completed on June 30, 2016. The main body of the building is three floors above ground and one underground. The museum consists of a Historical and Cultural exhibition, Nature Resource exhibition, Intangible Cultural Heritage exhibition, Money Tress Exhibition, Han Dynasty Horse Exhibition, Cliff Tomb Exhibition and Academic Report Hall. It is positioned to create a national first-class museum. Moreover, Mianyang Museum has 28,000 pieces of cultural relics, including 35 state-level cultural relics, 145 second-class cultural relics, and 1,507 third-class cultural relics. It also handles 3,273 state-owned and cultural relics in various districts and counties.


The Chen Exhibition System of Mianyang Museum (New Hall) has distinctive features and bright spots. In the style of Chen Zhan, it brings together the essence of Mianyang's historical relics, highlights the fusion of culture and technology, allows the cultural relics to “speak”, let the non-legacy “live”, let the audience be there, and fully experience the long history of human history and natural history of Mianyang.