The key to design of museum showcases manufacturer

When designed the display cases, museum display cases manufacturer should not only consider the structure of showcases, but pay attention to the key to design. The interior of the showcase is a platform for exhibiting exhibits. The showcase manufacturers must consider the matching of the interior of the showcase with the cultural relics while designing the showcase.

The museum is an institution for the protection, research, display and publicity of various cultural relics and works of art. The design must fully consider the protection of these precious historical and cultural properties and must be protected from optical radiation (including visible). Damage to radiation, ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation, so the design of the interior of the museum showcase is important. The final result of the lighting creates a good visual environment for the audience, while ensuring the illuminance of the exhibits, and minimizing the damage of the optical radiation to the exhibits. To solve the contradiction of dealing with this problem, high requirements are placed on all aspects of lighting design such as the selection of lighting products and light sources.