Relicase completed Jingzhou Museum project

Relicase completed the display case project for the Jingzhou Museum in January 2016, we designed and installed the freestanding cases and tabletop cases.


Built-in 1985, the Jingzhou Museum is a comprehensive museum integrating display and exhibition, publicity and education, cultural relic collection and preservation, archaeological excavation and studying, etc.


Covering an area of​​ about 50,000 square meters with a floor area of​​ about 23,000 square meters, the museum has a display hall and a collection hall with about 130,000 pieces of historical items, including bronzes, potteries, lacquer wares, jade articles, silk fabrics, paintings and calligraphies through the ages, bamboo and wood slips and so forth. In this project, we mainly provide protection for bronze chime bells during the Warring States Period.