Relicase completed Jiangsu Art Museum project

Relicase completed the Jiangsu Art Museum project on December 10, 2016, we designed the customized wall cases and combined freestanding display cases. These designs cleverly bring out precious exhibits and got great approval.


Jiangsu art museum located in the cultural center of Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. It is one of the most important exhibition buildings in southeast China. It was founded in 1936, during the Nanjing decade, was the first national art museum in China's modern history. In September 1960, it was renamed as Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum.


The museum has an area of​​ 4,700 square meters. The main building of the museum has four stories with seven exhibition halls of different sizes. The museum collects more than 10,000 artworks, most of which are modern and contemporary works from China and the world, including Chinese ancient paintings, Chinese calligraphy, new style prints, watercolor paintings and artworks from foreign countries.