Museum display cases & showcases News

  • Relicase team visited Alutiiq Center

  • Relicase team visited Alutiiq Center at the end of July 2018, Relicase designed and supplied the display cases, and provided the service for the project.
  • Museum cultural relics protection environment

  • Museum cultural relics preservation environment mainly including the indoor temperature and humidity, light, air pollutants and harmful organisms in the museum.
  • How to maintain museum display cases?

  • Museum display cases are used to display goods with a protective display stand, but it also needs to be maintained. How to maintain museum display cases?
  • Jinchang Museum opens to the public

  • Jinchang Museum, Gansu, opens to the public on June 9, 2018, Relicase designed 5 display cases, including the table top display cases and built-in wall cases.
  • Museum display cases important performance

  • Museum display cases are museum-specific equipment used to display and preserve cultural relics. It must meet the requirements of cultural relics exhibitions protection and operational.
  • Museum display cases technical requirements

  • Museum display cases technical requirements include temperature and humidity, opening, closed, fire prevention, lighting, materials, size, anti-theft and so on.
  • Museum showcases environmental protection concept

  • With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the cultural heritage of museums and exhibits are particularly stringent for environmental protection.
  • Museum display cases production process requirements

  • The museum display cases need to meet the production process requirements of four items: protection of cultural relics, safety, aesthetic visual and the actual operation requirements.
  • Design and Art of Museum Showcases

  • Museum showcases design should be combined with the museum’s experience and design. It is the guardians of cultural relics in the museum and bridges between the cultural relics and the audience.
  • Relicase delivered 3 bookcases for the UESTC

  • Relicase delivered 3 constant temperature and humidity bookcases for the Propaganda Department of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
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