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Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum display cases contract

On Feb 25, 2019, Relicase is awarded a display cases contract by the Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum, included 6 showcases and 6 microclimates generator. We will design two free standing cases along the wall, three built-in wall cases, and one free standing display case.

Hangzhou Arts and Crafts Museum is located on the west bank of the Gongchen Bridge which crosses over the Grand Canal. It was rebuilt from the industrial relics of the former Honglei Silk Weaving Factory and acts as a specialized museum of comprehensive arts and crafts.

The museum provides normal audience with the permanent site to know about arts and crafts history of Hangzhou, appreciate masterworks as well as to interpret the meaning in the handicraft. As a result, it opened a window for the masters to imparting their crafts in society and set a platform to communicate with masters and art without distance for the public. Moreover, the museum also plays like an art enlightened educational body for teenagers. The museum was opened to the public on September 2011, with overall floorage of 18,930 square meters.