Relicase won the bid of Han Tianheng art museum

Relicase won the display cases purchasing bid of Shanghai Han Tianheng art museum on Apr 7, 2013, we will provide various high-specification display cases.


Han Tianheng art museum covers an area of 14,000 square meters, with 11,000 square meters exhibition halls, which displays 1,136 pieces of art treasures created and collected by painting and calligraphy seal cutting master Han Tianheng himself, including all his paintings and calligraphy seals from 20 years old till now. That is the epitome of his art life. There is calligraphy from generations of maestro such as Wen Huiming, Zhu Zhishan, Huang Daozhou, Zhang Ruitu, Ni Yuanlu, etc. in the more than 140 pieces of the art treasure donated by Han Tianheng, in which the Lan Ting Xu (Preface of the Orchid Pavilion) copied by Dong Qichang with Wu Silan version of Xuande palace treasury Ming Dynasty can be called national treasure and other cultural heritage is worth in studying painting and calligraphy history such as the pure gold stamp Guan Zhong Hou Yin in Cao Wei of three kingdoms period.


There are three parts in the theme exhibition area: masterpieces of Mr. Han Tianheng’s painting and calligraphy seals on the 1st floor, paintings, and calligraphy masterpieces on the 2nd floor, stuff in the study and Han Tianheng art footprint pavilion on the 3rd floor.