Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon Exhibit

Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon exhibit featured at the temporary hall of Baotou Museum on June 8 - July 10, 2009, Relicase designed more than 20 showcases.

Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon exhibit

The Daqingshan is a region with a glorious revolutionary tradition, is the main battlefield of Inner Mongolia's anti-Japanese struggle. The Daqingshan Anti-Japanese War has gone through numerous difficult twists and turns, and numerous heroic deeds have emerged, creating national and regional struggle experience, and finally persisting in the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.

Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon exhibit 1

This exhibition is jointly organized by the Inner Mongolia Museum and Baotou Museum. It aims to fully tap the revolutionary historical and cultural heritage, highlight the great achievements of the Daqingshan Anti-Japanese military and civilians, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, cultivate the national spirit, and effectively protect and use revolutionary cultural relics.

Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon exhibit 2

Relicase undertook the project of the multi-function exhibition hall in Baotou Museum. After months of work, we delivered the project successfully, which laid a solid foundation for the historic exhibition of 'Daqingshan Anti-Japanese Beacon'.