Relicase team visited Alutiiq Center

Relicase team visited Alutiiq Center at the end of July 2018, Relicase designed and supplied the display cases, and provided the service for the project. For the Alutiiq Center, Relicase put profession and innovation on the design, Plinth and glass are select to reach our high requirement. The museum gave us great approval on our service.


The Alutiiq Center is a five-story, 75,000-square-foot office building designed to reflect the culture and geography of Afognak and Kodiak islands. It is the Anchorage office for the Afognak Native Corporation and its subsidiary, Alutiiq LLC. The building and site design of the five-story structure draws inspiration from images of Afognak Island and the region of the Alutiiq people. Geographic elements are reinterpreted in a contemporary design that exemplifies this corporation’s place on the cutting edge of technology in the business environment.

Alutiiq Center Showcases

Alutiiq Center Showcases 1

Alutiiq Center Showcases 2

Alutiiq Center Showcases 3

Alutiiq Center