Relicase completed Ya An Museum project

At the beginning of January in 2015, Relicase completed Ya An Museum project, succeeded in installing and commissioning the showcases, and got high approval. The anti-earthquake device was inserted in the corresponding showcases of this project.

Ya An museum symbolizes the industrialization of protection device for cultural relics. It is also the applied model entity by propelling the technical research for applied model project, which has been approved by MIIT and Bureau of Cultural Relics.

Ya An Museum undertakes the task to apply the anti-earthquake device. Part of the cultural relics was heavily damaged because of the influence caused by the earthquake on April. 20th, 2013. So in order to avoid this enormous lost caused by earthquake, Ya An museum has renovated and strengthened the display hall and center warehouse. Also it has been the model experimental unit for the apply of anti-earthquake device in the cultural relics in museum.

On Jan.14th, 2015, degree-5 earthquake happened in Le Shan, Si chuan. The installed anti-earthquake device has timely functioned, succeeding in protecting the cultural relics.

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