Cooperation with temporary exhibition museums

Exhibition of Donations - National Museum of China
Cooperation projects:Exhibition of Donations
East & West Chamber of Qianqing Gong Exhibition
Cooperation projects:East & West Chamber Exhibition
Johnson & Johnson Olympic Exhibition Center
Cooperation projects:The Terracotta Warriors
Friendly Communications & Historical Testimony
Cooperation projects:Exhibition of Gifts
Art of the Enlightenment exhibition
Cooperation projects:Art of the Enlightenment exhibition
Orsay Museum Treasures Exhibition - France Pavilion
Cooperation projects:France Pavilion
Shanghai World Expo Urban Footprint Museum
Cooperation projects:Shanghai World Expo Urban Footprint Museum
Shanghai World Expo Museum
Cooperation projects:
Eternal city - glory of ancient Rome Exhibition
Cooperation projects:Ancient Rome Exhibition
Chengdu Museum Daqian Zhang new exhibition
Cooperation projects:Daqian Zhang new exhibition
Special Project